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This downloadable Alkaline Food Guide will give you an immense amount of alkaline plants and foods that revitalize the body to full health. The alkaline approach renders the body with healing due to the plants having the ability to provide their minerals to us & assimilate on the cellular level. Our overall goal is to “Push Forward Towards A Disease-Less Society.”

This Alkaline food guide is like Dr.Sebi's Nutritional Guide on Steroids! So many people have edited his Guide by placing acidic foods on it. We decided to create an Alkaline Food Guide that takes it to the next level with more alkaline foods/plants to try and explore. Take this Food Guide with you to the store and shop based off of it. The reason for this is "keeping mucus from being created", and the foods in this Cosmic Body Food Guide will do just that because everything in this food guide is very alkaline. Acidic foods create mucus which breads disease.

The age of done for you services it’s slowly but surely becoming a matter of do for self. What we aim to do is to empower all who desire to re-embrace the planetary knowledge of, In Dr.Sebi's Terms "The Organic World", natural wild growing electric plants. This information allows us to achieve the goal in which we are striving for, “To Push Forward Into A Disease-less Society.” This, is the information that will afford us generational health over and over again. It'll only take about 40-50 yrs for one whole generation to turn this thing around & eat an alkaline diet. We'll all be fully mineralized like we were in ancient times; strong & healthy. Sebi once said "Everybody had you call 6 packs, simply by eating the right foods!"

It is now more than ever important for us to understand the PH factor in the matter when it comes to what you put in your body. Especially when it comes to what foods you should put in your body. Its important to know if the food you're consuming is acidic or alkaline.

- Cosmic Cell Foods 🌿 "Reminding Our Cells That They Are Cosmic"