ALKALIZER X - Alkaline Herbal Business Mentorship Program

ALKALIZER X - Alkaline Herbal Business Mentorship Program

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Cosmic Body Academy University - Alkalizer X is an Alkaline Business Mentorship Program that provides you with an in depth training on "Creating A Successful 6-7 figure Alkaline Health & Beauty Business". We start by teaching you how to use to herbs to create healing remedies and natural beauty care necessities for yourself and family. The information in this mentorship teaches you how to remove any disease or ailment that may be plaguing using the Alkaline Approach. We also teach how to create 100% alkaline health and beauty products that we need in our communities. We want to make it simple to pick the type of business you’d like to start or how to expand your current business by implementing the alkaline approach and our business structure.
Our goal is to ALKALIZE everything we put our hands on to the XTREME! Food, cosmetics, hair care, body care, can all be created from the alkaline approach. This is how we set the standard for all future generations. If there’s no disease then we’re only left with health!

From there, whether you want to start an alkaline soap business, alkaline shampoo business, alkaline body cream business, healing product business, etc, we give you the tools necessary to run a successful health/beauty business using the Alkaline Approach. We teach business structure, business systems, personal and business credit cleaning and leveraging, marketing/branding, advertising, and most importantly the Alkaline Methodology. You will also receive an Accredited Master Herbalist Certification. Everything you need to be successful in the Health/Beauty Industry. Our goal is to provide value to our communities and bring this much needed information back into our lives that we may live this life in a state of peace.


Peace in the entire body is what affords us a beautiful life, and we created these programs to provide immense knowledge and valuable information that will give you all the tools you need to cure any disease for generations to come & to run a successful health/beauty business.
The information in this course will be relevant until the end of time, no question about it! This is because, true health simply is and always will be the easiest way to live. The structure of an Alkaline Health/Beauty business is an essential blueprint to have for increased success. This course will broaden our perspective on how simple healing is. If, the proper regimen is followed.

Its guaranteed that you wont find the information that's in these programs anywhere else online. This information will always be relevant for generations to come.
EXCELLENT HEALTH will never go out of style.

In addition to learning this information, we also have monthly coaching calls to answer any questions and assist you on your journey to success.

•Obtain An Accredited Master Herbalist Certification

•3 Step Method To Cleaning The Body (ALKALINE METHODOLOGY)

•Business Structure (What To Create & Why)


•Advertising (Front Of Scene & Behind Scene)
•Personal and Business Credit Cleaning and Leveraging
•Business Funding

•Alkaline Herbology Plant Archive

•Mineral Assimilation - Bio Chemistry LV 1

•How To Cure Any Disease

•How to Eliminate Specific Diseases + The Regimens Needed

• 30 Days Of Alkaline Meals For Your Future Patients

•How To Stop Mucus From Being Created 
• CLEANSING THERAPY DIET PROTOCOL (Recommended Diet While Cleansing)