Cosmic Cellular Cleanse Therapy Package - Designed To Remove Mucus From The Inner-Cellular Level & Restore The Body To Full Health

Cosmic Cellular Cleanse Therapy Package - Designed To Remove Mucus From The Inner-Cellular Level & Restore The Body To Full Health

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The Cosmic Cellular Cleanse Therapy Package provides a complementary assortment of alkaline healing compounds that contain specific elements (minerals) to expedite the healing process. This package revitalizes and engages intercellular advancement and ease in detoxification. It helps nourish the entire body and brings it to its most desirable state of excellent health.

This therapy will require you to adhere to the provided diet (which comes in the package) to expedite the healing and cleansing of the body.

Speak with us (phone, email, social media, dm/messager) after purchasing so that a Certified Master Herbalist/ Bio-Chemist can more so design the therapy package specifically for your needs.

Treats: Fibroids, Gout, Diabetes, Sickle Cell, Anemia, Arthritis, Cancer, Tumors, Kidney Disfunction, Alcoholism, Brain Health, and many more.

We recommend 3 months of using this package to insure a full body chelation take place. The 1st package will be centered around breaking down the mucus, corrosion, and inflammation within the body as well as begin to repair the mucus membrane where the ailment has manifested. The 2nd package is concentrated on flushing out the waste and excess fluids that have been broken down from Package 1 and the diet that we will have you on. The diet will be working in correlation with the cleansing compounds to break down and stop the reproduction of mucus & acidity. Now that we've removed the a large amount of debris from the body, the 3rd package will be focusing on revitalizing the cells with the minerals they need to thrive at there most optimal state. This will give each organ and system of the body the proper nourishment it needs. Its simply about maintaining a clean system beyond removal of the invading mucus by consuming natural electric foods.

If you have extremely complex health issues, please call our office that we may formulate this therapy to address your specific conditions.

While cleansing it will be imperative to adhere to the dietary program below to expedite the healing process. As most people know, we use Fruit to cleanse the body and Vegetables to rebuild the body. Eat the meals recommended to receive the best results from our Cellular Therapy Cleansing Packages.

Before purchasing the Cosmic Cellular Cleanse Therapy Package, CALL/TEXT/DM us for a FREE consultation to have the package personalized to fit your specific needs.

Cosmic Cell Foods
(323) 316-4134

100% Alkaline
100% Non-GMO
100% Gelatin Free
100% Gluten Free
100% Soy Free
100% Organically Grown

This will provide your cells & organs with all the minerals that they need allowing the body to function at optimum health!

For any questions please feel free to message us!