Lymphatic Herbal Tablets - One of The Body's Most Important Systems

Lymphatic Herbal Tablets - One of The Body's Most Important Systems

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The late great Dr.Sebi spoke extensively about the Lymphatic System, and how it’s the sewage system of human body. The lymphatic system helps to remove debris and acids from the body that are ready to be expelled. This product is a powerful player for our second step of healing which is flushing out the inflammation, Acidity, and toxins from the body.

The lymphatic system is also responsible for keeping the immune system healthy. It does this due to disability to move excess fluid throughout the body, Bloodstream, & skin and expel the waste which keeps the immune system strong.

100% Free of Gelatin Caps & Veggie Caps. Reminding your cells that they are Cosmic!

(Benefits Below)

Herbal Ingredients:
Palo Mulato
Red Clover
*Plus a few additional ALKALINE plants that cleanse and strengthen the lymphatic system..

100% Alkaline
100% Non-GMO
100% Gluten Free
100% Soy Free
100% Organically Grown

Taking these daily will provide your body with its most needed mineral, IRON! These are some amazing herbs, Give them a try!

Cleavers Benefits:
Stimulates Lymphatic System Cleavers herb has been found to improve the health of the lymphatic system. This includes reducing inflammation of lymph glands and cysts in the breasts. Cleavers herb also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation by clearing excess waste and water from the body, helping to reduce instances of edema.

Palo Mulato Benefits:
Mulato (Palo Mulato) – used as an antiseptic diuretic; powerful for calculus, diarrhea, nephritis sore, colds, blood cleansing, fevers, flu, insect bites, measles, rashes, skin sores, sunstroke, sunburn, & urinary tract infections.

Red clover Benefits:
Red clover is the most powerful herb of all to support the lymphatic system and cleanse lymph fluid, and it can be a helpful cancer preventative. This generous wild herb—you can use both the flowers and the leaves—is a diuretic and blood builder for those who are worried about virtually any type of blood disorder or disease, including just toxic blood overall due to the pancreas or liver not functioning properly.

Dandelion Benefits:
Dandelion has been used to strengthen and nourish the spleen, pancreas, immune system, and glandular system, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It has also been used by traditional herbalists to treat rheumatism and chronic skin eruptions. You could say "it gets around".

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