Natural Health/Beauty Business Mentorship Conference (MAY 13th 2023 ATLANTA) - Live

Natural Health/Beauty Business Mentorship Conference (MAY 13th 2023 ATLANTA) - Live

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Virtual Admission VIP Virtual Admission
 Conference Segment 1  Conference Segment 1
 Conference Segment 2
 Conference Segment 2

VIP Exclusive - Q&A Session
  VIP Networking Opportunities
  VIP Entry - Live Performance
  VIP Cosmic Conference Package

May 7th & 10th 2023 - Black Box Theatre (ATLANTA)


Doors Open: 2pm

Conference Segment 1 - Using Natural Plants For Health/Beauty: 3pm

Conference Segment 2 - How Create A Successful Health/Beauty Business: 4pm

VIP Networking Opportunities & VIP Exclusive - Q&A Session: 5pm

Live Concert Performance: 6:30-9pm

This Natural Health/Beauty Mentorship Conference will give you an immense amount of "foundational knowledge" about alkaline natural plants and how to use them for healing, for personal care, and beauty care using the natural alkaline approach. It will also give you a step by step blueprint on how to start and grow a successful health/beauty business.

What we aim to do is to empower all who desire to re-embrace the planetary knowledge of "The Organic World", natural wild growing electric plants. We can use the plants for all of our daily health and bodily needs, you just need to be shown how. This information allows us to achieve the goal in which we are striving for, “To Push Forward Into A Naturally Healthier Society.” This is the information that will afford us generational health time and time again.

This is an event that you could possibly find your next business partners &/or new acquaintances. The key is you'll be surrounded by the network of high level thinkers and action takers looking to push forward into a more successful life & society!

This conference will give you a detailed layout of how to start a natural health/beauty business and how to make multiple varieties of natural products . Its time to take matters into your own hands.

This is a LIVE & Virtual event. No matter where you are in the world, you can attend this event. Virtual conference links will be provided.